Dear Esteemed GBC Members,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

By the mercy of Lord Krishna, Srila Prabhupada and the Vaishnavas, 2017 was a landmark year for World Holy Name Week (WHNW). The most significant events were; expanding our team, rebranding the event, and extensive planning for 2018.

We expanded our management structure to include a new Working Committee under our guidance with an EC of Haridas Das (Coventry, UK), Madhumangala Das (Sydney, Australia), and Ekalavya Das. We had conference calls every week. Minutes of our calls were compiled and sent out the same day with action items highlighted.

We have rebranded the event from “World Holy Name Week” to “World Holy Name Festival”. This gives a more accurate picture of the event. Some celebrate the festival for less than a week, and some celebrate for more than a week.

We decided to switch from the lunar calendar to the solar calendar. Now World Holy Name Festival will be celebrated every year from Sept. 17 – Sept. 24. This will help establish the festival as an annual event in our temple’s calendars. It will also help to commemorate Sept. 17, as the blessed day that Srila Prabhupada stepped down from the Jaladuta and set his lotus feet in Boston in 1965.

Planning for 2018 included preparing posters and other promotional articles in advance of Mayapur AGM. We plan to have a presence at the ILS with the Outreach Committee.​

A slide show of some of the photos received from more than 51 reports we received from 2017 can be seen here:

Please visit our website to download posters and banners for World Holy Name Festival 2018.

Thank you very much.
Your servants,
Lokanath Swami (Chairman)
Janananda Goswami (Vice-Chairman)
Ekalavya Das (Secretary)

World Holy Name Festival Committee