P.S. We want to share with you a list of ways you can celebrate the Holy Name in your home, with your friends and family, in your Namahatta or Bhakti Sangha, at your centre or at your temple.

Temple Presidents:

If you are a Temple President you can organise an event for all the devotees to participate in. If you run a centre or a group, you can do the same.

· For example, you can organise for someone to give a talk about Prabhupada distributing the Holy Names across the world.

· Or you can organise a talk about the power of the Holy Names. You can organise a kirtan in celebration of the World Holy Names festival.

· You can organise Harinam Sankirtan to celebrate or share the Holy Names out on the street.

· GBC Members, Zonal Secretaries, and Supervisors can help out by making sure devotees in your area know about the World Holy Name Festival. Make sure you ask everyone to make a plan for a celebration.


· Every devotee can celebrate the World Holy Name Festival by chanting extra rounds each day of the festival.

· You can also can read selections about the Holy names from part two of Sri Namamrita. Part two is called ‘The Theology of the Holy Name’. Or you can read selections from the book Chanting Hare Krishna. Both these books are compilations of sayings from the books of Srila Prabhupada.

· You can make a plan to go to the temple or your local centre and join in the celebrations there. Otherwise you can create your own program at home, or with friends.

· There is no limit to what can be done, use your creativity and see how far you can go.

· This year the World Holy Name Festival starts on Radhastami, (17 September) which makes this year the most auspicious World Holy Name Festival of all. Everyone should make a personal heart-felt prayer to Sri Radharani to thank her for supporting Srila Prabhupada in distributing the Holy names and uniting the world.

Other activities which you can organise:

· Organise a Japathon with your friends. Get a group together and chant for one or two hours. You can also organise a Japathon where different groups take turns at chanting for 30 minutes then the next group takes over, then another group, like a 12 hour Kirtan. See how long you can keep the chant going for.

· Get your family and friends together and share your experiences with chanting the Holy Name, how has it affected you, how do you manage to get through your rounds, what suggestions and help can you give each other.

· You can go to the Fortunate People web site and record a video of you and your friends chanting the Mahamantra. Fortunate People is a program created by devotees to get as many people as possible to chant Hare Krishna.

· Go for a japa-walk with a group. Everyone takes their bead-bags and walks in a relaxed pace chanting the Holy Names as you go along. Take a picnic and head for a park. Chant more rounds on the way back.

· Improve your own chanting by listening to a recording of Srila Prabhupada chanting his rounds. Share the recording with your friends and family.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare