How can I participate in World Holy Name Week Festival 2015?

1. Please chant a few extra rounds every day during japathon.
2. Participate in the 24 hrs. kirtan in temple hall on 24th Sept (Ekadashi) and 12 hrs. kirtan on 2nd Oct (Friday) and 4th Oct (Sunday) and special concerts on the evenings of 2nd and 4th Oct.
3. Take part in 24 hrs. Japa on 27th Sept (Sunday) on the auspicious disappearance day of Namacarya Srila Haridas Thakur.
4. Inspire your colleagues, friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. to chant Hare Krishna during this period and inspire them to write 108 maha mantras in the booklet.
5. Stick Hare Krishna Maha-mantra stickers at public places where people can atleast read it once.
6. Participate in Mega Harinam Sankirtanam on 3rd Oct, 2015.
7. Render service in the temple at Harinam stall.
8. Conduct Holy Name festival in a school in your locality. Make them chant 1 round and give 1 sticker to each.
9. Organize Harinam in your society/locality.
10. Sponsor beads/stickers for free distribution