Celebrations in Thane

Please accept my obeisances.
All glories to Shri guru & Gauranga! All glories to Srila Prabhupad.
All glories to our beloved Gurumaharaj.

With Gurumaharaj’s & senior god brothers & god sisters  inspiration on Lok Sangha we in Thane also tried to celebrate WHNW in very small way. We have formed a small  mataji’s group in Thane to study ‘Srimad Bhagvatam’. We meet every wk once & try to study S.B.  We take help of your lectures as well as other senior vaishnava’s lectures on the verses whish we are studing. on 15 th Sept morning we called some of our non devotee mataji friends for ‘Harinaam satsang’. I tried to explain importance of Harinaam to them in short lecture& there was a short harinaam kirtan & prasadam. Bhaktin Meena mataji & H.G. Janhavi ganga mtj helped in whole programme. Meena mtj had cooked prasadam, & co ordinated whole programe. She also arranged bead bags & malas for new devotees. we showed them how to chant at the end of the programe. They were all very happy to receive that & agreed to chant 2 rounds daily. I know this is a very very small attempt, but we thought to do our ‘squirrels  share’ for Gurumaharaj’s pleasure.

Please bless us so that we can keep doing service unto Gurumaharaj’s lotus feet.
There was also a  “Harinaam rally’ on 14 th Sept arranged by H.G. Revatiraman Pr. & Mira road temple.
Madhavi Gopi Dasi