We have often heard the proverb ‘Charity begins at home’ but if we see things in light, we understand that this is not only relevant to charity but even other actions. What we see is what we do.


Being devotees of Lord Sri Krishna, it is our duty to spread the holy name far and wide so that everyone can benefit from it. However, many of us are circumstantially restricted. Someone might be too busy at work, someone would be handling small children at home or someone might not be able to commute that easily. Interestingly, SrilaPrabhupada has always encouraged us all to use all our resources into serving Krishna, wherever and however we can. So this time around, during the World Holy Name Week, which begins on July 28th and ends on the August 14th, there is lots we can all do sitting wherever we are to contribute to the movement.


If you are at home

Many of our women followers and senior devotees are homemakers. There are unlimited types of opportunities one can avail to participate in the World Holy Name Week from home, enlisted below:


  1. Hear Kirtans and play them throughout the day during all activities, especially while cooking prasadam.
  2. Hear lectures on the importance of the holy name.
  3. Chant extra rounds, if possible with family every evening.
  4. Each day you may either sit with your children, your relatives or friends and discuss one pastime highlighting the importance of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra.
  5. Invite friends and relatives more often for short kirtans at home.
  6. Learn new bhajans/tunes of the Mahamantra