ISKCON NIGDI Shri Govind dham Celebrates World Holyname Week 9th to 17thsept -2017

Activities / Plan

1) Temple programmes :

1 On 9th sept Saturday feast lecture on Holy name by H G Ramgovinddev prabhu
2 Everyday Japa talk 5 min for newcomers morning evening and 1 round chanting
3 Information counter for WHN activities also free distribn. of holy name sticker to new comer
4 A stall to inspires people to buy Japa mala and sril prabhupad books for purchase.
5 On 10th sept 6 hrs kirtan by congregation devotees.
6 Nam sakirtan by temple devotees in different namhutt centers .
7 A special Seminar / SB class by temple devotee on Holy name .
8 16th sept Ekadashi from morning 9.30 am to 6.00pm 64 rounds chanting.
9 17th sept 2017 A big Harinam sankirtan by all congregation devotees from 7pm to 9 pm.
Japathon : Distribn. of Japa cards to congregation and BC’s for extra chanting during the week .later will give awards to top 10 chanters.

2) Nam hutt centers :

1 In our local namhutt centers lect on Holy name by BC’s.
2 In Our Councellor System Councellor will give talk to inspire devotees to chant .

Banners /posters stickers displayed in temple premises to focus on World holy name week to catch the attention of Devotees and Visitors .