A report of the World Holy Name Week in ISKCON-Vrindavan 2018.

The World Holy Name Festival this year was extended to 8 days. But for the devotees in Vrindavan even that was not enough. 8 days they did intensive service of glorifying the Holy Name. This service has eternal blissful nature, and nobody can stop this thirst of the soul to perform sankirtana yajna. This special festival was established to spread the glories of the Holy Name everywhere in more and more intensive way. During these days of festival, it is expected that devotees will give all their energy and love to please the Lord and bring happiness of Krishna consciousness to others.

Many devotees of various nations having different age and engagements took part in celebrating the festival. The idea was also to unite the devotees of different departments and engage them in the common service. In the performance of the World Holy Name Festival kirtan, along with spiritual instruments such as mridanga and karatals, different kinds of other instruments such as guitar, digital percussion and drumkit were also used.

We had:
– A dedidacated class both in English and Hindi on “World Holy Name Festival” on 23rd Sept by HG Sankarsan Prabhu in English and HG Sarvabhauma Prabhu in Hindi.

–Held for 3 days special visits to different schools, performing Kirtan there and speaking on “Glories of Holy Name” , this was organized and conducted by ISKCON Youth Forum, Vrindavan. On 18th Sept the visit was to Hanuman Prasad Dhanuka High School, HH Janardana Swami Maharaj visited there with the IYF Team. On 19th Sept they visited Sandipani Muni School with the Temple President HG Pancagauda Prabhu and conducted a similar program. On 20th Sept the visit was to K.R. Memorial Public School again with HG Pancagauda Prabhu.

– Held Seminar for 2 days 20th and 21st Sept in Balaram Hall by HG Krishnananda Prabhu in Hindi on “Harinaam Mahima” in the evening.

– Bhaktivedanta Gurukula & International School had a 64 Rounds chanting session in the Morning on 23rd Sept for the Disappearance Day of Namacharya Srila Haridasa Thakura.

–On all 8 days, we had Pandal Programme near Srila Prabhupada Samadhi Mandir during the day and in the evening. All the 8 Days morning Pandal Kirtan was lead by Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi Matajis Kirtan Party.

1st Day the evening Kirtan by HG Ramai Prabhu & Team.
2nd & 4th Day the evening Kirtan by Vani Ashram devotees.
3rd Day the evening Kirtan by Gurukula Students.
5th and 8th day evening the Pandal Programme was lead by Her Grace Gaura Mani Mataji and HG Param Prabhu and their team.
6th Day the Evening Pandal Kirtan by HG Sankirtan Dharm Prabhu & Namahatta Devotees.
7th Day the evening Maha-Harinaam at Pandal with HG Pancagauda Prabhu, HG Saranga Prabhu & various other devotees.

On the final day (8th Day) evening Maha Harinaam in the Pandal programme was lead by HG Pancagauda Prabhu (Temple President of ISKCON Vrindavan), HG Gaura Mani Mataji, HG Param Prabhu & various other devotees.

Wonderful thing that we could observe on the last 2 days of the World Holy Name Festival is that different groups of devotees united together in final kirtans. Thousands and thousands of people from outside were joining kirtan and were chanting the Holy Name loudly with all heart. From the photographs it can be seen that dance was essential and very important part of the kirtan. Sometimes people were becoming mad in their dancing. That transcendental madness is also the main part of a good kirtan. From different perspectives we can come to the conclusion that the Holy Name Festival in Vrindavan has been celebrated very successfully.

ISKCON Vrindavan Day 1
ISKCON Vrindavan Day 2

World Holy Name Festival celebrations at Hanuman Prasad Dhanuka High School, Vrindavan

ISKCON Vrindavan Day 3

ISKCON Vrindavan WHNF 2018 at Sandipani muni school Vrindavan on 19 Sept 2018.

HG PANCA Gauda prabhuji our temple president spoke about the purpose and importance of Harinam and Prabhupada’s hard work in spreading about the Harinam all over the world. Then Kirtan was performed with great enthusiasm. The principal thanked ISKCON for the program .The programme was organized by IYF Vrindavan.

Evening Kirtan by Gurukula Students

ISKCON Vrindavan Day 4

ISKCON Vrindavan World Holy Name Festival 2018 Date: 20 Sept 2018.

HG PANCA Gauda prabhuji the temple President spoke about Prabhupada and Harinam for happy living. Then Kirtan was performed with great enthusiasm.HG Kamal Kant prabhu and HG Sureshwar prabhu also spoke about the power of mahamantra and Bhagavad Gita. The principal thanked ISKCON for the program .

20 Sept 2018 Evening Kirtan by HG Gaura Mani Mataji with her group.

Day 5 ISKCON Vrindavan Kirtan by Vani Ashram Devotees.
ISKCON Vrindavan Day 6 Evening Kirtan at Iskcon-Vrindavan by Namahatta Department on 22nd Sep 2018
ISKCON Vrindavan 64 rounds chanting at Gurukula
ISKCON Vrindavan Morning Kirtan on 23rd Sept 2018
ISKCON Vrindavan Final Day Maha-Harinaam with HG Pancagauda Prabhu, HG Gaura Mani Mataji, HG Param Prabhu & Various other devotees.

ISKCON Vrindavan

World Holyname Festival Celebrations 2018.
Venue: Pankaj Public School Vrindavan
Date: 24 Sept 2018
HG Sureshwar prabhu
HG Kamal Kant prabhu and HG Chaitanya Rupini Devi Dasi spoke about Prabhupada and Harinaam.

ISKCON Vrindavan Last day WHNF 2018 Ecstatic kirtan by HG Panchgauda Prabhu