List of Activities :-

1. Organised especial Kirtan on Radhaastami 17th Sep and STAGE Harinaam Sankirtan a part of SPMF 2018 in evening.

2. Nagar Sankirtan ON 23rd– Harinaam processions with WHNW and Mahamantra banners.

3. 24 hours Sankirtan yajna –Non-stop kirtan for 24 hours today on the occasion of Ekadashi 20th September .

4. Japathon– Pledges from devotees and congregation to chant extra rounds during this period.

5. Morning Bhagvatam class on Holy names as the theme– Morning Bhagvatam classes emphasizing on glories and importance of Holy Names also evening classes.

6. Japa Seminars – Seminars on japa from 21 to 24th in evening 7:30 to 9pm followed by Prasadam.

7. Japa Booth– Putting a table with beads and pamphlets in the temple for whole week encouraging new comers to get the beads and chant.

8. Mantra writing corner.

9. Kirtan Mela – Morning 10am to 12 pm from 21st to 24th 2018.

10. Especial session in evening from 5 to 7 pm for extra congregational Chanting.

11. Evening Kirtans and Bhajans on Holy Name before seminaar 7 to 7:30pm.