World Holy Name Festival 2018
17th Sep – 24th Sep 2018. 

World Holy Name Festival begins today and the commitments have started pouring in from temples worldwide.
Monday 17th Sept: Sri Radhastami celebration at the Temple
18th-20th Sept: Harinamas around lunch time.
Friday 21st Sept: Friday Harinama in the city
Saturday 22nd Sept: Sitting Harinama in Kings Park, Perth Sunday 23rd Sep: Special midday program at the Temple to commemorate the Appearance Day of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura
Monday 24th Sept: Harinama Outing to Northam for Harinama;On the way to and back, we will stopping at places like York.
During the week, we will also be imbibing the idea in the different Bhakti Vriksha groups about the importance of the HOLY NAME.