World holy name festival 2019

9th -22nd Sept 2019

Day 1 -Monday 9th – Ekadashi – 24 hours Kirtan

Day 2 – Tuesday 10th – Vaman Dwadashi

Day 3- Wednesday 11th – Appearance day of Srila Bhakti Vinod thakur

Day 4- Thursday-12th – Disappearance day of Srila Haridas Thakur – 16 hours chanting, BV Hall NVCC from 5.30am to 9.30pm. Breakfast lunch and dinner will be served to all the devotees against coupons issued

Day 5 – Friday 13 th sept

Day 6- Saturday 14th sept -SPP Sanyasa Diksha – Weekend –
2 hours Japa in all counselling meetings. Counsellor to conduct counselling meetings on these days.

Day 7- Sunday 15th sept – SB class on glories of holy name by HG Krishnananda Prabhu, followed by counselors and counselees to chant for two and half hours in BV hall from 10-12.30pm immediately after breakfast

Day 8/9/10/11/12- Mon-Friday – 16-20th sept

Day 13- Saturday, weekend –

Prabhupada arrival in USA – 108 Kirtan/Nagar sankirtan in different parts of Pune in the evening instead of counselling meeting. (Mandatory counselling meeting for all counselors)

Day 14- Sunday – SB class on glories of HN- 12 hours sankirtan in temple

Background and request

The week when Srila prabhupada landed in USA is celebrated as the holy name festival and this year it is from 9-22nd sept. This is to glorify Srila prabhupada as the spiritual ambassador of the Holy Name, who took The holy Name to the entire world.

On this auspicious occasion all the counselors and the devotees are requested to

1. Spread awareness amongst their counselees, fellow devotees, friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues and every one else, about the importance of chanting the holy name and encourage / Inspire them to chant HKMM during this period and probably continue hence forth.

2. They themselves can commit to Srila prabhupada by chanting
A. 1501 rounds or more during the festival
B. Or 1001 rounds
C. or at least 501 rounds

3. They can chant 64 rounds on the following days
A. Monday 9th Ekadashi
B. Tuesday – 10th Vaman Dwadashi
C. Wednesday -11th Bhakti Vinod Thakur appearance day
D. Thursday 12th sept – Srila Haridas thakur disappearance day- 128 rounds or more but atleast 64 rounds
E. Saturday – 14th weekend
F. Sunday -15th sept – holiday
G. Saturday 21st – weekend
H. Sunday 22nd – holiday

4. On Thursday 12th sept we are having a very very special day, the disappearance day of nama Acharya Srila Haridas thakur, who use to chant minimum 192 rounds every day. On this day due to Ganesh visarjan there is Public holiday in Pune. The chanting festival will be celebrated in the temple in the BV Hall NVCC from 5.30am to 930pm. Breakfast lunch and dinner Prasadam will be served to all against coupon and registration.

All devotees are requested to come to temple and in the association of devotees chant atleast 128 rounds or more to beg to Srila Haridas Thakur, so that we develop faith and taste in chanting the holy names.

5. Saturday 21st sept by tithi is the day when Srila prabhupada landed in USA. On this auspicious occasion we want to have Harinam Sankirran and/or nagar sankirtan in 108 parts of Pune.

Every counsellor /Leader is requested to take responsibility of organising, it in as many places as they can. All the necessary help will be provide by the temple. The detailed will

Be entered to the counsellor and leaders in the google form provided soon.

6. On the two saturdays and Sundays falling on 14/15 and 21/22nd sept counselors are requested to conduct counselling meeting (total 4). On 21st they will have nagar sankirtan or sankirtan at home.

On other 3 occasions they can chant for @2.5 hours in the temple, as any rounds as they can. On the two Sunday’s they can conduct the meetings in the morning at BV hall and chant for 2.5 hours from 10-1230pm after breakfast.

7. On 15th and 22nd sept we are having SB class from 8.05am to 9.15 am on glories of the holy name. (15th – HG krishnananda prabhu)
The second speaker will be decided soon.

8. Try to attend morning programs in the temple during the festival on as many days as you can.

9. Please encourage your counselees and people in your contacts to start chanting and request them to chant as many rounds as they can.

10. On all four occasions 14/15/21/22nd sept from 4.30pm- 9pm chanting facility will be provided by the temple for the visitors. You are requested to encourage and invite your contact to the temple.

We also need devotees to coordinate this activity. The details will be communicated shortly.

11. Try to chant as many extra rounds as you can. Ideally 64 rounds, or at least 32

12. Invite favourable people in your network to the temple on 12th sept (whole day) and 14/15/21/22 sept from 430pm – 9pm for chanting in the temple.

13. Please take this as an opportunity to serve and please Guru, Srila Prabhuoada and lord Gouranga and also nama-Acharya Srila Haridas Thakur, by chanting as many rounds as you can.

14. A Japathon card will be provided to all from the temple. It will available through your counsellor or at information center of both the temple. Devotees can maintain the festival chanting record on daily basis in this card. They can also distribute this sheet to favourable people in your network. (Friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues, and well wishers).
For those who are tech savvy there is no need of card. A google form link will be provided to them. Please maintain your daily festival chanting record in the google form.

15. For the top chanters and those crossing the 1501 rounds and 1001 rounds benchmark, special gifts will be given.

So let’s get ready to this wonderful opportunity to please the Vaishnavas and Their Lordships.

World Holynsme festival ki Jay
Namacharya Srila Haridas Thakur ki Jay
Srila Prabhupada ki Jay

Your servant
The World Holy Name festival organising committee