ISKCON Noida Day 2 World Holy Name Festival 2018 “Srila Prabhupada Uniting the World”

World Holy Name Day was established in 1996 to inspire devotees to glorify our Founder-Acarya, Srila Prabhupada, who set about fulfilling Lord Caitanya’s mission by giving the world the gift of the holy name, Subsequently, this popular festival has grown. This year, the week-long World Holy Festival falls between the 17 and 24 September. There cannot be a more apt theme than “Srila Prabhupada Uniting the World”. At a time when the world is experiencing calamities, ISKCON devotees under the guidance of Lokanath Maharaja, Janananda Maharaja and Eklavya Prabhu encourage the world to especially resound the transcendental holy names of the Lord all over the world. The first day of the World Holy Festival, 17 September 2018, was also Radhastami. Lokanath Maharaja commenced the World Holy Name week with celebrations at ISKCON Radha Govind Dev Mandir in Noida.

It was on Radhastami 1976 in Delhi that Lokanath Maharaja was given the instruction to start Padayatra. Maharaja says: “Prabhupada asked me to start Padayatra from Delhi to Mayapur.”

What better day than Radhastami to commence the third Padayatra from ISKCON Noida to Vrndavana, as part of the World Holy Name Week and in Lokanath Maharaja’s presence. At 4pm, at the inauguration of this Padayatra, Maharaja happily told the padayatris, “ I am giving you the instruction to start Padayatra from Noida to Vrndavana.” The Padayatra was inaugurated with Lokanath Maharaja’s kirtana beckoning all the souls in the vicinity to join this Padayatra.

This Padayatra comprises of four vehicles. The target of this Padayatra is to distribute 5000 books and do a minimum of five hours of Harinama daily.

This Padayatra comprises of thirty devotees (both congregation members and brahmacaris) and two pujaris. There are four vehicles altogether. The books and musical instruments are kept in the Harinama cart. The next cart which is similar in structure to the All India Padayatra cart carries the Gaura Nitai Deities. Behind that is the advance party vehicle and right at the back is a big truck carrying all the luggage.

At 9pm on Radhastami the padaytaris reached their first-day destination – CRPF camp, Noida. The padayatris happily settled down for the night having distributed 450 books, collected 15 000 rupees and done Harinama Sankirtana for 7hours.

World Holy Name Week Ki Jai!!!

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