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(17 th -24 th September)

1. Average 70-80 people chanted 1 mala Hare Krishna mantra Japa in temple hall.
2. Around 100 youths chanted 1 mala Hare Krishna maha mantra after Saturday youth
3. Daily Harinam Sankirtan by ISKCON Noida temple devotees in different sectors of

4. Japa in parks

5. Area Leaders No. of people chanted
Sector 33 IYF Devotees 50 people chanted
Sector 52 IYF Devotees 50-60 people chanted
Sector 75 HG Sri Advaita Acharya Pr 15 people chanted
Sector 61 HG Prem Padmini Mata g 45 people chanted
Sector 74 HG Sri Advaita Acharya Pr 50 people chanted
Sector 77 HG Sita Thakurani Mata g 20 people chanted
Sector 75 HG Hari Kirtan Pr 40 people chanted
10 buses from Noida around 500 devotees went for ISKCON Dwarka Maha Harinam Festival.

6. 64 Rounds chanting on Ekadashi.

7. ISKCON Noida devotees also did harinam in Haridwar with Haridwar devotees.

8. House Programs

9. On the Occasion of World Holyname Festival ISKCON Noida has decided to organize Padyatra from Noida to Vrindavan.