World Holy Name Week program: 9th September

1. Every day morning Bhagwatam class on Glories of the Holy name at 8 to 9 am at Temple Hall.
2. Special evening Class on glories of Hari naam
3. Japa meditation for the visitors every day morning and evening. Morning by temple devotees and evening by congregation members.( Approximately 40 to 50 visitors will start japa everyday)
4. Hari naamSankirtan at different markets of the Noida on 9th- 11th -12th-14th and 15th Sept.2017. Team leader HG BajrangiPrabhu. Timings 6pm to 7.30 pm
5. Park Activity :japa meditation and Kirtan by Bhakti Vriksha and Bhakti Vinod Sabha groups in entire Noida , Greater Noida. Approximately 20 groups will participate in this activity. Timings : 6am to 7am
6. Schools Activity: Kirtan, harinaam ,Japa in different schools of Noida by temple devotees and IYF.
7. Bike activity: on 10th Sept at 3pm a group of IYF and others will move on their bikes to different markets of the Noida in one queue to get the attention of people.
8. On 12th September,2017: Drama in auditorium on SirlaPrabhupad’s arrival to America
9. 16th September, 2017: Ekadasi: 64 rounds mala japa by congregation and temple devotees and will also motivate to visitors to temple.
10. 16th September,2017: Ekadasi: 24 hours sankirtan in temple hall
11. 16th September,2017:mahasantirtanmailan of all Bhakti Vriksha Groups.( 1stly all BV groups will do nagarsankirtan in their respective locations than will come to temple at 8 am for Mahasankirtan followed by breakfast prasadam)
12. Stickers for cars and cards for distribution in public places including metro stations.