Harinaam and chanting were conducted in Jagatpuri. Around 50 people were taught how to chant. We preached them and they took part in harinaam as well. Harinaam was ended with fruit prasad.

The Holy Name Kirtan was orgnaised in a vacant plot of Bhajanpura. People from the local area were invited, around 40-45 people took part. They enjoyed the ecstatic vibration of Holy Name and danced happily.

One round was chanted and people were informed about the glories of Mahamantra.

Jagriti Girls went to V3s Mall, Nirman Vihar. Girls were invited to for regular spiritual retreats and were told about the World Holyname week going on. They were encouraged to Chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra, as it would bring positivity and blissfulness to their lives and would also increase their concentration.