East Delhi during WHNW 2017.

Activity 1(saturday): Lecture on starting of World Holy Name Week. Encouraging them to chant daily through telling the significance of Holy Name.

-Activity 2 : Park activity in Surya Nagar. Inspiring the walkers in park to do chanting. Making them part of kirtan activity and motivating then to dance on blissful sound of Holy name.

Activity 3 : seminar for kids to preach them about Hare Krishna Mahamantra.

Activity 4 : In bhajanpura ,collecting people and do group chanting.

Activity 5 : Harinaam in Dilshad Garden Market

Activity 6 : Group Chanting in Anand Vihar ,Ram Mandir. Congregational chanting in Parparganj temple

Activity 7 : Harinaam in Geeta colony

Activity 8 : Public booth in residential colony for spreading Holy Name.

Activity 9 : Participation of chidren in Art and Craft related to Krishna conciousness

Activity 10 : Group chanting in school ,Priyadashni vihar

Activity 11 : Kirtan in mall of star city.

Activity 12 : Book distribution at public places

Activity 13 : Japathon 8 hrs

Activity 14 : Distribution of chanting cards

Activity 15 : Nagar Sankirtan in bhajanpura

Activity 16 : Seminar on holy name to youth boys and girls

Activity 17 : Sending daily msgs on Holy Name