1) 12 hour Kirtan Mela in Iskcon Chowpatty temple on Tuesday 5th sept 2017 Disapperance day of Srila Haridas Thakur.

2) 10th sept 2017 sunday. Harinam procession on famous Marine drive 5pm to 7pm.

3) Mega Harinaam of all 4 ISKCON Mumbai temples at ISKCON Kharghar on 17th sept 2017 sunday 4.30pm onwards.

4) Holy Name seminars in congregation group.

5) 64 rounds chanting on 5th sept 2017 in Temple as well as congregation group.One small group Chanted 192 rounds as on 5th sept. 2017.

Have broadcasted WHNW events through our temple group through Sms to 3000 plus devotees connected with ISKCON chowpatty. And also share it through Whatsapp on several groups as well.