The following are the activities we in ISKCON CHENNAI have planned for the 2017 World Holy Name Week

1 daily morning bhagavatam class on the subject of holy name .
This time we have chosen verses from 6 canto yamaraj instructions to yamdutas

2.all visitors who come to temple will be requested to chant one Mala on the japa and asking them to fill up the japa card and take commitments.Japa booth tables have been set up with volunteers.

3.on the 9th a big Harinam sankirtan with all the devotees of chennai yatra with placards ,banners containing the message of world holy name week .

4.12 hour kirtan mela on 10th sept Sunday in the temple .

5.Nagar sankirtan in all areas where we have bhakti vrikshas .

6.64 rounds chanting on 16th Saturday ekadasi inviting many devotees to temple group chanting . a press release in local newspapers abut WHNW.

8.every evening special classes ,seminar on the glories of holy name in temple as our temple gets lots of new visitors every day.

9.arranging special holy name chanting
In our children bps classes and chanting in during school prayers inany schools in chennai .

10. We have distributed japathon cards to many devotees for chanting extra japa during the period 9th sept to 17th sept.

11 .we have set up banners and posters in and around temple about WHNW.

12 .All the above events will be photo graphed ,video graphed and sent to the WHNW office .