These are some plans of ISKCON Aravade for WHNW2017.

1. Every day Nagar Sankirtan in 10 villages by Temple bramhacharis.

2. Every day bhagvatam classes on Holy name in temple. Also in our two college voice’s.

3. Japathon in congregation’s by taking commitment of more rounds.

4. Japa seminars in our centers also weekly satsang programs will be on holy name.

5. Nagar Sankirtan in 15 satsang centers of Iskcon Aravade.

6.Japa booth for new comers in temple.

7. 12 hours kirtan is fixed by temple bramhacari’s on 10th September

8. We will update our website.

From today 09/092017 We have started the activities. We started everyday Nagar Sankirtan and Srimad Bhagavatam classes on holy name.