As per the below schedule Harinam will start everyday *8pm* onwards,

9th Sept Sat (Vishnubhakta pr):- Ambavadi Central mall

10th Sept (Sun):- Japa Yagna in temple after Mangla Arti and Maha Harinam Starting from Bopal Approach BRTS. Evening lecture on *Glories of Harinam* in Sunday Feast by HG Jashomatinan Prabhu

11th Sept Mon (Vicharu pr):- Sola Kankaria Hanuman temple

12th Sept Tue (Murlimohan pr) :- Panchavati (CG Road)

13th Sept Wed (Dr Sachisuta pr) :- Ganshyamnagar, Water Work, Kotarpur

14th Sept Thur (Anand Govinda pr) :- Off Judges Bunglow road, Tirth Dham Flats.

15th Sept Fri (Damodar Dhananjay pr) :- Dani Limbda cross road ( *7:30 am* )

16th & 17th Sept (Sat & Sun):- 24 Hours Kirtan and lecture on *Glories of Harinam* in Sunday Feast by HG Jashomatinandan Prabhu. Every morning there will be PRABHAT PHERI from temple in different park and jogging areas. Apart from this speakers(preachers) will be speaking on glories of holy name in their respective programs.