Today HH Loknath Swami Maharaj released App “praytm” made by
GYST (Gita Youth Society for Transformation), a youth initiative of ISKCON Pune.
It is meant to facilitate chanting Hare Krishna for new people as well devotees. We are celebrating Japathon for world holy name week festival on this app.

Link for google play app download

Features of the app
– Receive daily inspirational quote about chanting
-Set chanting reminders.
-See total number of people chanting with you.
– People can chant tapping on the screen. Devotees can enter Japa scores manually in My Chant section.
-Total number of rounds chanted on the app all over the world for japathon will be visible and that score be offered to their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

Please download the app, make entry of your score in the app, spread it to know people, inspire them to chant and spread holynames in this way.

Your Servants,
Gita Youth Society for Transformation